Future Suture

by Ned Collette

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Jason V. Somehow softer and more tranquil than Ned Collette's other albums (all of which are successful exercises in serenity), this album doubles down on introspection, worldly analysis, and the exploration of poetic meaning through soothing folk music. The perfect album for slowing down and catching your breath. Favorite track: The Country With A Smile.
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    Ned Collette's second full length album, originally released in September 2007. Comes with two previously unreleased and unheard outtakes from the Future Suture sessions - "Know Your Masses" and "Your Life Lived" - as well as high quality pdfs of the original CD booklet and covers.
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Ned Collette's second album, Future Suture was released in September 2007, a year after his debut, Jokes & Trials. Collette had spent much of the year in Europe touring with Joanna Newsom and Camera Obscura, and while basic tracking sessions had taken place at the end of 2006, the majority of the arrangements were written and recorded back in the Melbourne winter of 2007. Produced by Collette and his erstwhile collaborator/drummer Joe Talia, the much more elaborate sound of the record was influenced by artists such as Scott Walker, Brian Eno and particularly German composer Peter Thomas. For the performance of his arrangements Collette turned to many of the instrumentalists he had played with and been influenced by in the Melbourne experimental and improvised music scene, notably Tim Pledger and Belinda Woods with whom he had lived and played in Bohjass, Finnish-born violist Erkki Veltheim, and former City City City bandmates Talia, Eamon McNelis and Ben Bourke (who would later play bass in Wirewalker). Fellow Melbourne singer-songwriter Oliver Mann (with whom Collette had attended primary school) provided his operatically trained guest vocals on "Show Your Hand".

Future Suture was well received critically, Rolling Stone declaring it "Diverse and inspired... Future Suture pushes Collette’s writing to unexpected territory, offering wonderful new vistas with each track", while the single off the record - The Country With A Smile - is arguably Collette's best known track to date. In 2010, Canadian music e-zine Cokemachineglow placed the album #75 in it's top 100 albums of the decade.

From allmusic.com:

"The opening moments of Ned Collette's second record are a lark, picking up from the exact musical and instrumental tone of his debut, but they do not stay that way. From there the album morphs into a number of new forms, into smoke-ring guitar solos and phasing electronic atmospherics. It retains all of the appeal of the debut but feels like a mutation of it more than a specific growth or refutation; the transition between the two has the feel of a roadtrip from the countryside to the city. The company remains constant, and good. It says something about the delicacy of that first release that the opening guitar lines of a track like "Show Your Hand" feel almost psychedelic, and the shift to a martial verse right afterward seems outright daring. But despite these instrumental differences, Collette's voice remains as lyrically and emotively appealing as ever, at once elliptic and conversational. By creating a work so artistically true to its predecessor but sonically expanded, Collette handily sidesteps any question of a sophomore slump."


released September 29, 2007

Ned Collette - voice, guitars, bass, organ, synthesizer, drums
Joe Talia - drums & percussion
Ben Bourke - bass on "Lost & Found" and "Winter Holiday", Farfisa on "Show Your Hand"
Rachael Kim, Sophie Dunn - violins
Biddy Connor, Erkki Veltheim - violas
Eamon McNelis - trumpet
Kynan Robinson - trombone
Belinda Woods - flutes
Timothy Pledger - saxophone, clarinet
Oliver Mann - guest vocals on "Show Your Hand"

All songs written and arranged by Ned Collette
Recorded and mixed by Joe Talia and Ned Collette, Melbourne, Australia 2006/07
Additional recording by Matt Maddock
Mastered by François Tétaz

Cover photo by Trevor Lemke, prepared for print by Tim McNeilage
Centre Artwork by Karla Pringle


all rights reserved


Track Name: First Love
Ten thousand miles away
we go to make the play
we've carved out for our century
of you, of me

The flowers growing fast beyond our
call hour

The fall was looking grim
and on account of him
I left the scene to wander back
down the old track
here then, again

The time you screamed and I came running
Times we kissed in hallways such as this

It’s alright now you say,
“We'll find another day”
I improvise the words around
what we have found

I want to say that I am sorry
but we
left so amicably, so goodbye
my first
Track Name: Sell Your Life
Sell your life, I'll be nice my dear
Let me help and I'll allay your fear
If we try we can end it right
I don't mind staying up all night

Let me show you one that I prepared before
We'll start off on the couch and finish on the floor

You came round I was in the fridge, then you left
you said it was a smidge too soon
Next day I got so high it hurt
and I took it out on the kids at work

It hurts me not to say I haven't lost a thing
but I'll swap with you right now,
a good plan for a fling

And I'll be king, you be the fool
I'll be the pig, you be the mule
Carry the joke, I'll make it solemn
And where we meet is where we've got them

Falling down another day
and I thought I might have heard you say
you loved me
So I haul the load again
and I set stumbling down the road again

You can't change anybody
That’s okay with me
As long as when we're broke, we're rich for being free

And I'll be me
You be me too
We'll throw away the rest of you
And if it’s talk, we'll pay attention
Because in the end
that’s all we're getting...
Track Name: Forty Children
You fell across your guns like forty children on a sleigh ride
The money in your pockets wouldn't buy you little sin
You did your best to make it with the masters of the poor-house
But in the end it was the lend that came to do you in

Your children cannot smile for hunger, now there's nothing left
Of betrothal sweet and sweaty and a meagre sum bequest
The fence is pale and slender as the hopes with which you dressed
The grass is greener where there isn't mud

And it might have felt like forty rivers forded for this life
But really you became the banks of every steaming shore
Never touched the water did your children or your wife
Never touched the water did your thirsty vision sore

A colosseum built of pith on which we stand so proud
The men that lead us still are men like any in the crowd
The men that lead us still to death to still birth without warning
The women we should love that you should love are still in mourning

"Call back later" Joan of Arc cries wailing in the night
"You men have left me fallen for my pride in black and white
You haggard beasts of little principle have lost the fight
To false egalitarian concoctions of the right"

These would be times to make a stand or even take in hand
The words of those forgotten, slammed by leaders and their claims
Instead we'll opt for times to tar and feather thoughts of guilty undertakings
More the merrier! Consider your brief spot of fame

The down and out are out and down, they cannot wear the spit
Of so many who would claim the crown for running at the shit
The fools were dancing all the time to let these athletes know
That every time they left the ground their ignorance would show

Now you'll sing some praise, and now they'll scratch your back
And forgotten will be ways of lengthening the slack
Take me high above this, watch it all descending
Its nothing that we have not seen for years as something pending

And now the field hacks and mauls at populations crawling
Upon crushed knees designed to fall for frail consumer callings
Bring all your fights together and call them just one war
Do what you will man - we've seen it all before
Track Name: Show Your Hand
I don't want to die in a foreign place
or disappear without a trace,
so onward we will fly
because I don't like what I see in this country

For a minute just hold your tongue and wait
The fire will come to its abate
The world thinks you are like precious stones
but I don't see it somehow

I woke up, found I'd dreamt the human race
It was just as I'd seen something I thought I could cling to

Wait for my soul to take, you masters of
what cannot be born of love
and pray that he's that kind
because your souls will betray you when you die

And in the morning I will sing your praises
Until you show your cards we'll sing your praises...
Track Name: The Country With A Smile
On channel 19 there's an idiot savant
And 35 has got all the girls you'll ever want
The end of it all's staring you inside your face
You could be the last hope for the last of the human race

You could lose your mind in here, your money too
Make sure you bring a friend to share the load
And if you manage to survive the rules of this secret room
You could weave it on a loom and hit the road

Welcome to the country with a smile
More's the answer
More's a question of denial

Four days left and we've got nothing left to choose
We just have to make it home again
I can see it getting rough from here but hold on tight
The solution wont be know until its known

Welcome to the country with a smile
More's the answer
More's a question of denial
Track Name: Winter Holiday
I found myself on holiday with fortune by mistake
and fortune was you and I was me and so we'd make
each other for a time upon the gently frozen lake
of what do become memories so easy now to shake

you lay there in the sunshine letting sunshine do its work
and for the rest of the day we let ourselves go beserk
until the corners of the room grew dark and so we slept
and woke to make a perfume of the people we had kept
from dreams that youth delivered to the doorways of our rest
and when we woke again a new day came and we were blessed
with energy and hunger for each other's bodies clean
though finally we had to eat some food between our dreams
and broken was the spell we had so accidentally cast
so back to town to knowing that this thing will never last
but that was nothing to our eyes so blinded by the fact
of being young and having no idea just how to act
and though I look back now as I sit cold upon this beach
it’s just by chance you came into my mind so out of reach
and I guess that's testament to all the simple lives we've led
and how a lifetime can disguise as one day in a bed
and maybe as I thought about this somewhere you though too
about that holiday where I was I and you were you
Track Name: Ned's Dream
I walked out further
One night from home
Than I had ever walked alone
The dark it met me
And so we went
To find our fortunes, our futures bent

Joined by a shipman
He sailed the sea
He found his vessel was too lonely
White whales behind him
His freedom spent
He'd lost his youth so improvident

But what's this doubt
What rotten core is this?

And soon we happened upon a girl
Her face it showed us the ancient world
She joined our party
Faced true to night
And struck on forward to help our flight

For what could we do but run on
Backs to oblivion

Four of us flying against the wind
Old brothers come near to do us in
When by a fifth one we were so joined
Who in relation was but a boy
His eyes all wonder at blackest night
The way became lit by his foresight
Not quite a child, but not a man
This one ahead now light up the land

For back behind
And all the war she knew
Fly faster fly
Is on our tail
She comes to murder you

A vision reached us - it was the dawn
On night the curtains would soon be drawn
But before losing our darkest friend
We met a woman near to her end

She whispered quietly
To slow our pace
"Don't rush like this so from place to place"
But chased by the spirits
Of old decline
We hardly had time to say goodbye

So goodbye now
Goodbye to all that world
That you destroyed
Sweet innocent
Your crimson flag unfurled
Track Name: Lost & Found
They say that you came in from the cold
just as the world was sold
And trying to walk the streets you'd known
you found that the last of life was gone

And now that we've finally lost this frame
there'll be no chance to start again
But calm we can be as we lie down
for knowing the end was all around

So turn your back on things you might have said before
No one's here to hear your call

Millions of moments left to dust
And all of them in trust
To a life we might think of just as one
Witnessed by one abiding sun

"Wait! by the door that I built for you
I'll be gone just a week or two,
perhaps a few
If we could be silent for one day
it might help with the things we say
I'm sorry hey"

And now that the burning leaves do fall
you come home to be alone
And when those leaves have blown away
it might be we'll start another day

So fell your fear - let it crash around your ears
And hark back to those times we loved

Just for a moment, please give me back
those times we loved
Track Name: Race
In the beginning you'll break all your old rules
the further you walk from stuff of fools
The devil gets started in small things out the back
And though you've already started
you're only steps from the track

Because it’s the same old race
with all of the same old faces
Thank god for that
No need to make all your choices

The markers will try to drop you like a cold stone
The fallen will watch you from behind
Ten silver hurdles to dog you
The sky will grow old
But you will grow taller with each step
until you're too big for the world

Because its the same old race
with all of the same old faces
Thank god for that
The choices were always so easy for you

You knew what to do
And you always came through
So thank god for you